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St. Paul Forest

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Mission Statement


Develop the St. Paul Forest for the education of St. Paul students, parish members and the community at large.


What is the St. Paul Forest?

The St. Paul forest is a 30 acre parcel of woods, part of St. Paul Property, developed into a learning resource for the school children, St. Paul members and also the community. It provides an opportunity for people to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, all of which are part of God's wonderful creation.

As of August 2010, St. Paul Lutheran School Forest has been officially registered in the Wisconsin Community Forest program and has received final approval status as a school forest. The state School Forest program is directed by LEAF, which is part of the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point campus. The program was started in 1927.


Wisconsin Woodlands Assoc


Gerry Schmidt (Chr)

- Teacher

Jeff Wegner

- Teacher

Dave Hedtke

- Community

Laura Dreyer

- Board of Christian Education

Jim Guenterberg

- At-large

Bob Bronold

- At-large

Dan Weidner

- Advisory

Sue Beilfuss

- Forester